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12 March 2017 @ 03:05 pm
just nod if you can hear me
wow. wandering in livejournal feels like being back to a past life. I think I discovered livejournal back in 2007, or 2008. I was just a kid back then, finding my way through Photoshop editing. I remember how I just loved experimenting with textures and colouring...
For pure nostalgia, I decided to revisit some old accounts a few days ago - including Photobucket and Deviantart - and I ended up running into these graphics, graphics I created back in 2008-10, and that remained in my memory for some reason. I looked at those images and was instantly transported to a different time, when things were way much simpler.
I'm now an adult in my last year of university. I wish I hadn't left editing behind - I've always enjoyed it so much... I've been doing some experiments in Photoshop lately, maybe I'll even post something in the next few days.
It's interesting how my vision of everything changed. I'm now much more attentive to detail and more methodic when editing. For what I've seen, lj is kinda dead. icon_tutorial, my top lj reference, isn't the thing it used to be anymore. Walking around these lands feels like getting back to a place you used to hang out a lot but now is unfortunately fated to decay. I began using lj in a time when there wasn't Facebook, Instagram, or even Tumblr. I would say a part of the graphic community has moved to these platforms, though I'm not sure about that. I'll continue exploring.
[If anyone is still around and read this post, hit me up! I'd be delighted to chat with you.]
20 August 2009 @ 11:03 pm
Will take sometime until I come back!
31 July 2009 @ 10:58 am

Hey, there! These is my first icon batch here. Hope you like them! :)

[4] - Kristen Bell
[1] - Lady Gaga
[1] - Mary kate Olsen
[2] - Gossip Girl
[4] - Blake Lively
[1] - Leighton Meester
[5] - Eternal Sunshine of an Spotless Mind
[3] - Taylor Momsen
[1] - Michelle Trachtenberg

!CREDIT carvelur @ poxomix 


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